why does apple sign in keep popping up

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6 Ways to Fix Apple ID Sign in Request Keeps Popping Up


 · Generally, if your Apple device is inactive for a long time, and then it is unlocked after a long period of time, the Apple ID password verification pop-up appears. But in the case where Apple ID sign in request keeps popping up, it can be for a number of known or unknown reasons. It can be a simple technical glitch, or your phone might need an update. It may also …

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“Sign In with Apple ID” keeps popping up – Apple Community


 · Just sign out of your Apple ID for all services that utilize your Apple ID, and update it with the correct one. If this was automated when you updated your Apple ID email or security settings, an illegitimate user of your Apple ID would still be able to use your services. View answer in context Q: “Sign In with Apple ID” keeps popping up

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Fix: Repeated Apple ID Verification Pop-ups on iPhone


The issue of repeated Apple ID Verification Pop-ups might be due to outdated software on your device. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. On the next screen, Install Updates (if available). 4. Reset All Settings

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How to Fix iPhone Keeps Prompting for Apple ID Password on …




 · If your iPhone is popping an Apple ID verification window over and over again, then it could be because of either the software glitch (iOS firmware bugs). Or, perhaps, you might have been using an app that was downloaded using another Apple ID than what is now configured with your iPhone. Here’s another scenario: iPhone keeps …


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