what armor should i use for the twins

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What armor do you need to defeat the Twins?


 · Get good armor. Titanium/Adamantite armor is recommended, it has a great set bonus and multiple buffs. If Titanium/Adamantite armor is not available, Mithril or Orichalcum armor will also do. Click to see full answer Similarly, you may ask, what is the best weapon to defeat the Twins?

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Guide:The Twins strategies – Terraria Wiki


Adamantite armor provides the greatest overall increase to all stats. Melee and ranged users should substitute in a Frost Breastplate to increase damage output and defense without sacrificing anything important. Titanium armor is a defensive alternative for Adamantite Armor, the Titanium Barrier / Shadow Dodge buff increases survivability.

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What weapons and armor are required to defeat the twins …


Depends on what class you are, for melee, ranger, and mage you should use titanium armour, and for summoner you should use the spider armour. Now for weapons, melee I’d recommend either shadow flame knife or armorak.

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Terraria – The Twins Boss Guide – Carl’s Guides


As with other Hard Mode bosses, once you have the required item crafted at your anvil, you can summon The Twins at night time. Recommended Gear Level With the below boss fight arena setup, I was able to do this in Mythril Armor (with Melee helm for more defense), so if you’ve got Titanium you should be even better off.

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What armor do you recommend for Twin Princes? :: DARK …


 · Either use a Black Iron Greatshield or don’t use a shield at all. Their elemental damage will go straight through most medium shields. An upgraded Black Iron Greatshield has pretty good reduction however and is therefore viable on this fight (my favorite greatshield tbh). Otherwise, my advice is to learn to roll to dodge their attacks.

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D’s Twin Brother | Elden Ring Wiki


 · If given the Twinned Armor, D’s Twin Brother can be summoned to help you fight the Valiant Gargoyle and Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade) in the Siofra Aqueduct, next to where he can initially be found. Giving him the armor when Fia is unavailable means you cannot get it back until a certain point in the game progression. This NPC moves.

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Guide:The Destroyer strategies – Terraria Wiki


Crystal Assassin armor provides respectable defense, stat boosts and a nice dash that can free a slot of Shield of Cthulhu, making it a viable alternative to Adamantite armor or Titanium armor. Orichalcum armor is especially powerful as its set bonus can hit many segments.

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Whats the best armor to get for the mechanical bosses …


Adamantite is really good and so is titanium. Destroyer you can cheese by being about 150 blocks off of the ground on a platform and using a nimbus rod or daedalus stormbow with holy arrows to deal damage while you defend against the probes. Twins you can kill with a long asphalt bridge about 500 blocks and using a megashark with crystal bullets.

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How to Beat the Twins in Terraria: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


 · The Twins are very fast, so Melee weapons are not recommended. You must have the following: 5-10 Healing Potions Lightning/ Frostspark boots Wings (If possible) Multiple buff potions 3 Get good armor. Titanium/Adamantite armor is recommended, it has a great set bonus and multiple buffs.

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