should you get mana in outward

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Mana Channeling – How much mana should I get? :: Outward …

You get 20 mana for each 5 health and stamina sacrificed. But you can`t lower your stamina or health under 50. So, your friend learned “spellblade awakening” skills to get more of them. Strange what your friend got so little of mana. He should have 275 with that skills.

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Mana – Official Outward Wiki

TBH you should do at least the first level of mana – means later on you can skip some stuff and also you may find that you want to use a spell every now and then (maybe to make a fire and you have no flint, you can use spark etc). Losing 5 stam and health for some mana really isnt a big deal as you will get enough gear to not worry about it at all.

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Should I even unlock my mana? : outwardgame…

Yes, get at least 1 or 2 point in mana for You will be prebuffing these and not using it in the middle of a fight so they dont need a permanent slot on hotkey. The reduction in maximum hp and stamina won’t make a difference if you’re dodging and managing your stamina well.

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