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Is Zales Jewelry Real or Fake?(Jewelry Manufacturer‘s …

Well, a portion of Zales jewelry items are crafted from real gold, and they have a few authentic jewels in their structure. Despite this, you should be careful during purchase because most of their jewelry is gold-toned. That said, we can establish that they have a golden color, but not all of them are real gold pieces.

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Is Zales Jewelry Real or Fake? – Top Answers For You …

 · No one can claim that Zales is a fraud or fake jewelry producer. The reason behind it is quite simple that Zales never claim the originality and authenticity of their gold and diamond. They sell gold or diamond, whether original or not. It is the price that makes you appeal to buy its jewelry items.

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Are Zales Diamonds Real? Answers For You!

 · Zales diamonds are real and independently certified by their own brand. Unfortunately, for that reason, Zale’s jewelry tends to be of lower quality than that certified by the GIA. However, it’s worth noting, most of their jewelry items …

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What is Zales jewelry? – A Scam or a Legit dealer for you …

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