how do you change rotoms form

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How To Change Rotom’s Form In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

 · To change Rotom’s form, you will need to speak with Ginter, a merchant for the Ginkgo Guild. You can find this vendor to the right of Galaxy Hall, sitting next to a covered wagon. Ginter will offer a random item when you speak to him. When speaking to Ginter, he may offer a mysterious mechanical item, costing either 20,000 or 40,000 Pokedollars.

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How To Change Rotoms Form In Pokemon Sword & ……

 · How To Change Rotoms Form In Pokemon Sword & Shield Inside is a Pokemon Trainer with various forms of Rotom. Defeat him a in a Pokemon Battle and he will give you the Rotom Catalog. Once you have the …

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How to Change Rotom’s Form – YouTube

 · How to Change Rotom’s Form Subscribe for more! ORAS How To’s over here! to Change Rotom’s Form…

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Get Rotom & Change Rotom Forms Pokemon BDSP…/get-rotom-change-forms-bdsp

 · How to Change Rotom Form Pokemon BDSP. To change Rotom form in Pokemon BDSP or Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl after you get it, you need to pick up the Secret Key. You’ll get that item after you catch Rotom; it’ll drop the item as soon as you catch it / defeat it. You will automatically pick the key up, so don’t worry about that.

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How to change rotom form – Wiki Project

Depending on the appliance Rotom is possessing, you can gain a new secondary type — Ice, Fire, Grass, Flying, or Water. That makes Rotom one of the most unique Pokémon in the game, and you can change his form whenever you want.Rotom has 5 alternate forms it can take, and each one is a different type.

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