guidelines in signing certificate of naturalization

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Quick Answer: How To Sign Certificate Of Naturalization …

 · You will be required to sign the certificate with your name exactly as it appears on the certificate. Do not use the abbreviated signature and sign your name exactly as it appears on your Certificate of Naturalization. Have a backup copy of your Certificate of Naturalization and store it in a secure place.

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Chapter 3 – Certificate of Naturalization – USCIS

 · Posted on Aug 19, 2015. Sign the normal way you always sign, regardless of your “complete name” listed on either your Certificate of Naturalization or US Passport. Just make sure to use the same signature for each official form you sign, in order to maintain uniformity and not create needless confusion later on.

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How do I sign my Certificate of Naturalization | US ……

 · You are supposed to sign your certificate exactly how you sign your name on the picture that is on the certificate. They made me print my full name on the picture so that is exactly how I signed my certificate. A aabbcc11 Registered Users (C) Jun 13, 2007 #4 At out oath ceremony we were instructed to write our name in full, in cursive handwriting.

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